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The Practice of Loving Presence
by Ron Kurtz and Donna Martin

It was about 1996 when Ron Kurtz invited me to write this book, the Practice of Loving Presence. We started right away and we worked for many years on both the development of the Loving Presence workshops and on the writing. At the time of Ron's death, the book was sitting on his computer waiting for editing and revision. So it is with great pleasure that I am ready at last to present the first two books of this important part of Ron's legacy - the Practice of Loving Presence.

We are offering the book in four parts which will all be available as e-books:

  • Book One: Ron's Introduction to the Practice of Loving Presence
  • Book Two: a Practice Guide - the Basic Exercises for the Practice Loving Presence (comes with the MP3)
  • Book Three: The Practice of Loving Presence for Therapists
  • Book Four: Loving Presence: a Practice for Life

Books one and two and the Loving Presence mp3 (formerly available as a CD) come together and can be purchased for a total of $25.

Books three and four can be purchased for $12.95 each book.

Book One of the Practice of Loving Presence is an introduction to the practice in Ron Kurtz' own words, and a few of the key exercises for the practice.

Book Two follows up with a more detailed and comprehensive description of these and many other exercises and practices, along with some helpful guidelines for setting up a practice group with friends or colleagues.

Book Three talks about the importance of loving presence for those of you who are therapists and especially in Hakomi or other psychotherapy settings. You will learn here a little about the Hakomi Method, which is where this all began.

Book Four, a Practice for Life, is an invitation to use the practice of loving presence in your life in a variety of professional and personal settings.

Books Three and Four include some writing and input by Flint Sparks. We hope the Practice of Loving Presence books will inspire you to bring this practice into your own life and work and to discover for yourself how it can enrich and enliven your relationships with others.

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